Designer Shower Curtains

Ready to update your bathroom but don't want to spend a fortune? Great, because shower curtain art is the fastest, least expensive way to a brand new look. 

Because bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the house, bath decor is often overlooked. Remodeling a dated bath can cost a fortune, but it doesn't have to. Often, a few carefully chosen elements can quickly transform even the most dated bath. The easiest update is a hanging a new designer shower curtain. Since it's usually the largest element in most bathrooms, a fresh bath curtain has the biggest impact. Add a can of paint and you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner!


If your bathroom decor features colors that hurt your eyes and break your heart, I feel your pain. The bath in my first home featured coral pink and mint green tile. Like, both colors - in one room. Buying the house set me back for ever, so remodeling was out of the question. My first decorating attempt made a bad situation worse. I chose pink and green floral wallpaper and showed remarkable restraint by choosing a white shower curtain. It was candy land and it hurt my teeth just to look at it.


Sometimes, the only thing to do with a hateful color is ignore it. Don't add more. Don't try to match it. Just let it be pink or green or blue or whatever unfortunate color was popular when your home was built. Go black and white. Black and white goes with everything. Yes, even that color. It's bold and graphic and has a personality all its own. B&W gets along with everyone. Your bath will still be a color you don't love, but at least you'll love your new designer shower curtain. Add some black & white accessories, some simple black & white art, and some fluffy white towels. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel about your dated bath. 


Don't do this yourself. Hire a professional like Miracle Method, who will paint your well adhered tile and tub any color you choose - preferably white or cream. Because even the gray we love today will be tomorrow's mint green. If you must do it yourself, read and follow every instruction. To the letter. Because even a gorgeous shower curtain can't save peeling and bubbling tile.


If the walls aren't awful but the tub and surround is what were they thinking - hide it. Choose a longer shower curtain to just skirt the floor. It will still be ugly when you're naked, but once you're clean, that stylish new shower curtain will render the disappointment a distant memory. 


If paint is an option, do it do it do it. Few things transform a space faster than paint. It's a huge pain and always takes way longer than it should, but unless you've chosen the wrong color, you'll rarely regret the effort. What's the wrong color? Hmm. That's not so easily defined. Wrong usually includes the word too -  too dark, too strong, too bright, too wimpy. Dark & strong colors show every wall imperfection, and can make a small space feel smaller.  Bright or wimpy colors only seem brighter or wimpier over time, inviting another paint job. Ugh. 


Neutral colors - shades of white, gray, cream, and beige may sound boring, but they'll rarely offend you. Since there are a million shades of each, you've got choices. Pick up a collection of "whites" at your local paint store and you'll see that white is almost anything but white. Gray is still hugely popular, but be warned. Gray is a tough color to choose - it goes blue, pink, or green quickly, and changes color with the movement of the sun. My lovely gray living room is an insipid baby blue in the early afternoon. WTF. So, if you're drawn to gray, buy a few of those little samples before committing. My last gray kitchen turned out a pinkish gray, which I convinced myself would darken when dry. Lies. I ended up repainting the entire thing. If you've got something you love, like a new shower curtain, bring it to the paint store with you. It will help you choose the right color.