The Artist

Sheree Burlington Headshot

Hello and welcome - I'm so glad you're here! However you've found me, you've stumbled upon my greatest artistic love, abstract art. This body of work was mostly hidden away while I was busy owning and running Museware Pottery, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

If you're an abstract lover like me, we'll have a great time together. If you're new to it, fear not. There is nothing to understand, nothing to "get." If it makes you feel good, perfect. If it confuses or unsettles you, you might prefer another artistic style. We're all different - thank goodness. What a slog life would be if we were all the same. 

If you've come here looking for my newly released line of wearable art and fashion accessories, thank you for checking it out. I'm thrilled about it as my own closet is a wasteland of yoga pants (5 pairs, all black!) and off-price everything else. I thought I'd given up on style, until I learned that I could actually wear my art rather than store it in a folder on my computer, or tuck it behind the couch. I didn't even know wearable art was a thing. I did a search on Pinterest and found a stream of stick people wearing bird cages and LED lights. Apparently, they don't know it's a thing, either. 

If you've come here with a strong sense of home design, knowing just what you love - have fun finding just the right creation to make your special place a perfect reflection of you. If, however, you have no idea how to make your home beautiful, there's help. Take a deep breath and know that while there are "rules" to good interior design, take advice from a rule breaker - trust your gut. Here are a few simple home decor guidelines. 

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