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Origami Tote Bag by Sheree Burlington

In my last post, I introduced my partnership with Montreal fashion house Le Galeriste to produce my art on upscale women's clothing and accessories. It's an exciting new direction and I'm thoroughly enjoying learning to design for fashion. Thank you all for your enthusiastic support!

As if to give credence to this new direction, I've just partnered with yet another Montreal based print-on-demand (POD) company to produce my work on affordable fashion accessories like bags, pouches, kimonos, and robes, and more. POD is a brilliant business model - no inventory means minimal waste, unlike the huge environmental impact of the fast fashion industry.

Of the items they offer, I fell in love with the Origami Bag, which is much more than just a tote bag. The origami tote combines an idea that is centuries old with a modern twist on materials. Composed of a 40" square of durable polyester crepe and a vegan leather strap, this clever design has a number of uses. There's beauty in simplicity.

The absolutely unique Origami Bag does it all - it's a tote bag, a picnic or park blanket, a scarf, and even a gorgeous gift wrap! This versatile bag is also perfect for travel and won't take up precious luggage space.


Origami Tote Bag Instructions
If you're looking for a really unique gift, the Origami Tote Bag is here to save the day. Each bag comes with with folding instructions so your gift recipient can put it to use right away. Available in a growing number of beautiful and colorful abstract art designs, it could become your new favorite accessory. I'm so excited to offer this awesome bag to fans of my art!
The video below is longish but it's worth the watch. It completely sold me on this bag and was the first product added to my new site. 
Shop the Origami Tote Bag Selection today! If a long weekend away is on the agenda, or your baby is headed away to college, the large companion Market Tote Bags can handle all your stuff, and do it in artsy style!  
PS: The designs at the top of the page are stock images from the manufacturer, not mine :) 
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