Free Art to Give Away

Hello - My first batch of Giving Cards has been given away! I mailed out 136 small pieces of art to people all across the country, who - as a gesture of kindness, handed them out to their friends, family members, and even strangers. This whole project is so much fun. I get to share my art, which inspires me to create, and make a bunch of people I've never met feel good. Everything about that is good.

I'm inviting you to join my new movement - to hand someone you don't know a small piece of art as a gesture of kindness. If you're in, I'll mail you a collection of art cards to give away. They're totally free, postage included. Give them away to friends & family - and especially to strangers. It feels good and I've seen the look on people's faces - it makes their day. A kind gesture can make someone's day. This is good for everyone. A little more kindness could change the world!

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